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xSky Trim 75 In-Depth
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Cab: Cab is ROPS and FOPS. Cab roof is equipped with 1 1/4" thick Lexgard® for visibility and maximum protection. Hydraulic joysticks control extend-lift-swing-tilt functions for the boom. Cab is electrically insulated for operator safety. Ergonomically positioned foot propel control provides operator comfort during operation. Boom and cab swing to trim at all quadrants.
Boom: Boom telescopes to 75 feet from the ground to trim the tallest trees. Boom construction of composite material is electrically insulated for operator safety. Equipped with a single 24 inch diameter carbide tipped saw with direct hydraulic drive.
Power Train: Two-speed heavy -duty powershift transmission provides shift-on-the-go capability and reliability. Hydrostatic four-wheel drive provides rough terrain negotiability. Heavy-duty axles with wet disc service brakes. Parking brakes are fail-safe spring applied/hydraulic released. Rear axle is rigid mounted and front axle oscillates.
Cab Access: Cab access door is full length shatter-proof Lexgard® for operator protection and maximum visibility. Door design shields operator from limbs and flying debris. Secure latch ensure positive closure.
Tilt Feature: Upperstructure and cab tilts to shift weight balance to allow flexibility in trimming and operation on inclines. The SkyTrim does not require outriggers.
Adjustable Tread Width: Overall tire tread width is adjustable from the 10 feet working width to 8 feet 6 inches travel width to allow easier transportation to the job site.
Engine Compartment: Engine compartment access doors are made of aircraft-grade composite material to allow easy handling and light weight. The composite material is extremely durable and stable. Open grid design allows maximum air circulation for the engine. Positive easy-to-operate latches secure access doors.

The hydraulic reservoir is mounted outside the engine compartment allowing easy access to hydraulic pumps and other components. The reservoir includes clean-out ports and a shutoff valve. A hydraulic oil cooler insures reliable operation.

Winch: Rear-mounted 20,000 lb. hydraulic winch with cab control provides extraction insurance in extreme wet terrain conditions. An additional front mounted winch is available as an option.
Blade: Front mounted dozer -type blade is hydraulically operated from the cab for clearing limbs and debris. Blade increases stability in the down position. Blade design will not inhibit ground clearance in the up position.
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